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Transcend the voices of those we cannot hear through intimate words.
Across Sexualities is an international project between Serbia, Croatia and France. This initiative aims to give voice and visibility to LGBTQI+ people in these countries through a sound and photographic exhibition.
The fight for rights for the LGBTQI+ community was born from the voices that took to the streets to shout about their existence. This exhibition is there to keep the soul of the revolt of the 70s alive, like a fire that never goes out, to keep it going in a more intimate way. The intimate is what corresponds to deep reality, to the essence of a conscious being. Asserting yourself as an LGBTQI+ person means confronting your inner sphere. Building oneself in secret, trusting oneself and very often only oneself because the outside, the outside, is synonymous with fear, leaving the comfort zone.
We come from theater, visual arts and music and we decided to unite our sensibilities to highlight people who are still too forgotten today. People who are not allowed to speak and for whom the dangerous powers of our society shape stories to scare, to manipulate and to cover up the fact that they are not fulfilling their obligations!
On our way, we met dazzling, beautiful people with surprising courage who gave us fragments of their existence.
Across Sexualities makes life heard and seen, its suffering, its tears but also its hope. These stories are stories of soldiers, peacekeepers, soldiers in full revolt.

Artistic direction - Théo Majcher, Speech collection - Théo Majcher & the social workers and volunteers of the Le Refuge Foundation, Musical composition - Serafin Aebli, Photography - Zacharie Madane, Scenography - Michel Jocaille, Production manager - Louise Rivet, Teaser - Julien Mony, Production: ALTER EGO (X)

Support: Paris Europe Label, City of Paris, DILCRAH (Interministerial Delegation for the Fight Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred)
Partners: Fondation Le Refuge , Paris (France), Kulturanova , Novi Sad (Serbia), This is a Domino Project , Zagreb (Croatia), POUSH-Manifesto, Clichy (France)


To 27 November from 12 december 2021
POUSH-Manifesto - Clichy (92)

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