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Louise grows up in an isolated region, at the foot of a volcano, in a family that values hard work and the simplicity of country life. Yet, deep within herself, a void persists. Why is she here, in this body, surrounded by these people? Driven by a quest for something beyond her known horizon, Louise yearns to discover what lies beyond. How do the choices we make, the places we live in, those we pass through, the people we meet, and those we love impact the way we are?

Growing Up is an emotional journey through the life of a woman seeking to define her own identity, reconcile her love for her roots with her desire to open up to the world, and find a meaning to her life beyond family conventions and social expectations.

At the heart of the play, the artist returns to her original territory, the Cantal, to invoke memories with the help of a camera and confront them to weave the thread of a story.

Concept, text and performance - Julie Crantelle

Documentary video - Julien Mony & Julie Crantelle

Dramaturgy & director assistant - Zelda Bourquin

Artistic collaboration - Théo Majcher

Sound design - Serafin Aebli 

Lighting design - Antoine Gautier

Video design- Loïs Simac

Set design - Violette Graveline

Assistant set design - Camille Nozay



Production - ALTER EGO (X)



Le Quai des Arts, Rumilly

Théâtre d'Aurillac, scène conventionnée



Le Quai des Arts de Rumilly (74)

Théâtre d'Aurillac - scène conventionnée (15)

La Manufacture - Aurillac (15)

Espaces des Forges, Coopérative artistique des collines, Annecy

Auditorium de Seynod - Annecy (74)

Théâtre Jean Vilar - Suresnes (92)

On tour

Route des 20

Château Rouge, Annemasse (74)

10 January 2024

Théâtre d'Aurillac - scène conventionnée  (15)


5 March 2024

Les Granges, Vic-sur-Cère (15)

8 March 2024

Le Diapason, Saint-Marcellin (38)

14 and 15 March 2024

MJC centre social Victor Hugo, Annecy (74)

4 June 2024

Le Quai des Arts, Rumilly (74)

Autumn 2024

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