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GRESYS, Green Stories from Youth to Stage, is an international project aimed at young people whose objective is to raise awareness among young people of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda established by the UN by promoting their own experiences and ecological commitments through a in theatrical story.
Alarmed by reports from institutions on the feeling of social exclusion among young people since the pandemic - which has a strong impact on their learning abilities - and their concerns about the environment, our objective is to support them through training on the issues ecological combining artistic practice, theater, and a reference text, the 2030 Agenda.
We are convinced that theatrical practice as an informal education tool is one of the most relevant media to invite young people to translate and appropriate the 2030 Agenda, capable of stimulating their creativity, creating a collective and restoring their self-confidence. The choice of this text is strategic because, both contemporary and essential, it is also written in the form of concrete actions and contexts easily linked to the experiences lived by young people.
GRESYS thus aims to create relaxing theater workshops on the one hand on the artistic translation of the 2030 Agenda, and on the other hand on the collection of ecological stories from young people, supervised by professionals from the cultural sector. These workshops will give rise to two performances, one in France and one in Italy, where the young people will be actors as well as authors: their stories will constitute the main narrative frame thanks to the storytelling technique.

The project begins in May 2023 and ends in July 2024.

3 European artistic structures are brought together in this Erasmus+ cooperation partnership: ALTER EGO (X) - Annecy, France, La Guilla - Palermo, Italy, La Transplanissphère - Le Raincy, France​
Support: Erasmus + France Youth & Sport Agency


January / February 2024
  • Creation of the Study of Environmental Needs and the Handbook made from the collection of 50 stories from young participants (25 per country).
February 2024
  • Mobility of a representative from Transplanisphère to Palermo to teach training to the Italian partner.
  • Two 8-day training sessions for 2 theater professionals and 25 young people on the theme of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, taking place in Paris (France) and Palermo (Italy).
March 2024 - April 2024
  • 2 theater workshops of 15 days each, led by theater professionals for the 25 young people (50 in total). The workshops are based on the training and the handbook.
  • Creation of two artistic teams of 7 people each, including the 2 professionals and 5 of the 25 young participants (one company per country).
July 7, 2024 - The Sample in Bagnolet
  • Awareness event around round tables with experts, meetings with the local, national, and international associative fabric specialized in ecology issues, as well as artistic workshops with artists from the territory and from Italy.
From July 22 to 27, 2024
  • Mobility of the French artistic team to Palermo to disseminate the created show, discover the work of the Italians, and participate in international artistic workshops.
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