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“Arts and Theatre for YounG peOple NEeds” (ANTYGONE) is a two-year Erasmus+ project focused on theatre and performing arts as tools to foster the social inclusion of "disadvantaged" young people. It aims to use performing arts as positive mechanisms to engage and connect young people.
To do so, a manual, a methodological framework as well as a toolbox for practitioners and youth workers will be designed throughout the two years so that they can reuse the ANTYGONE method in their own contexts.
Taking the performing arts as a means of combating social exclusion and supporting vulnerable groups also appears to be a response to the needs linked to the crisis we are going through. Today, society requires innovative methods to support youth. In our view, theatre is one of them because it is a powerful non-formal vector that empowers, highlights and makes disadvantaged young people heard. 

4 European artistic structures are brought together in this Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership:

ALTER EGO (X) - Annecy, France

Teatro alla Guilla - Palermo, Italy

Kulturanova - Novi Sad, Serbia

Divadlo bez domova - Bratislava, Slovakia

Supported by :

Erasmus + France Youth & Sport Agency

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