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ALTER EGO (X) leads or participates in European cooperation projects supported by the European Commission. We engage with audiences through numerous workshops in Europe and beyond. Its projects also include web publications. We offer a transdisciplinary approach that connects young people, the general public, artists, teachers, and experts for common projects whose values are cooperation and creativity in intercultural dialogue.

We also offer training sessions for emerging cultural organizations to advise them on setting up European projects (public and private funding, residencies, and international tours). This versatility also drives us to imagine bridges between practices.

Finally, we are engaged in political work in connection with certain European cultural networks, to advocate for the voice and needs of artists and cultural actors in Europe. The organization is an associate member of the ENCC - European Network of Cultural Centres, a member of the IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, and a member of the Reset! network - The European network of independent cultural and media organizations. These networks mobilize and question the place of culture in daily life, its relationship with the world, and its impact on the urgencies of our society. They also bring the voice of cultural actors and artists to the attention of European public authorities. By participating in numerous action programs and international plenary meetings organized by these networks, ALTER EGO (X) draws inspiration from its peers in other countries, confronts new practices, and meets new partners.

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