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La diversité est fascinante et montre un moment d’une époque.

ALTER EGO (X) is the unique character of a meeting that was meant to happen. People undeniably connected whether they are far or close geographically. The concept of alter ego also finds its roots in 'the other.' Our personal identities constantly turning towards others, this is the path we take in this adventure. ALTER EGO (X) was born from this desire to create in diversity, in all its forms. We always start from the need to say something in this common space that is today's society. It is only by drawing on the richness of beings that we will embody the figure of the alter ego as well as possible.

Founded in 2019 by Julie Crantelle and Théo Majcher, ALTER EGO (X) is a creative hub in the field of theatre and media. Recognizing the importance of cultural exchange and dialogue, ALTER EGO (X) considers the arts essential for fostering connections between nations and promoting a collective consciousness. With a focus on diversity, the organization commits to creating works that transcend national borders and involve artists from various backgrounds.

ALTER EGO (X) is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Theatre: production of shows / workshops and theatre interventions.

  • Media: The House of Creatures, an engaging and playful video channel that highlights the artistic news in France and Europe.

  • Europe: European cooperation projects at the intersection of social, education, and art / European funding training / advocacy in connection with European cultural networks (IETM, ENCC, Reset!) / organization of European events.


ALTER EGO (X) continues to develop innovative and inclusive projects, creating links between different artistic disciplines and using new tools and practices.

ALTER EGO (X) is a member of :

* ENCC - European Network of Cultural Centres 

* IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts

* Reset! network - The European network of independent cultural and media organisations


Julie Crantelle & Théo Majcher


Lucile Étienne


Mathilde Pierre


Vladimir Perrin

Morgane Pommier

Zelda Bourquin

Loïs Simac

Antoine Gautier

Violette Graveline

Serafin Aebli

Camille Nozay

Nils Lou Lauper

Annatina Huwiler

Zacharie Madane


Ville d'Annecy

Département de la Haute-Savoie

Programme Erasmus+ de la Commission Européenne

Label Paris Europe 

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