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December 2, 2023 / January 13 & February 10, 2024 - from 1 pm to 6 pm

Public presentation on February 10, 2024, at 6 pm At Le Sample - 18 Ave. de la République - 93170 Bagnolet



A module centered on theater to raise students' awareness of European themes by drawing on their own reflections and putting their own words into play.

It takes place in a context of commitment, discovery, experimentation, and creation, allowing participants to become a true driving force for proposals.

Registration deadline: October 21, 2023


- Free the students' imagination while helping them to channel their emotions in a collective research, through a creative practice.

- Transform questions into artistic sketches.

- Develop skills related to the European Union. To know :

* Better understand the fundamental principles of the European Union, while taking into account its complex, dynamic and multidimensional nature;

* Develop mutual understanding, peaceful coexistence, tolerance and solidarity.


The training will unfold in four stages: the first dedicated to presenting the internship, the second, at the table, will allow for grasping the concept of Europe and European citizenship, and identifying themes, the third to experimentation through writing and acting on stage. Theoretical contributions, encounters with the world of the speakers, and work on the central theme will be developed and practiced throughout the internship. This schedule is provided as an indication and may evolve during the work process. The training will conclude with an evaluation of the internship and the participants' acquired skills.


1. Presentation of the module

- Presentation of the training by the two trainers.

The speakers will introduce the subject by presenting the state of their research and their desire to question and transmit within the framework of this internship. They will expose the course and the pedagogical progression in correlation with its objectives as well as the prospect of putting into play allowing the evaluation of the acquired knowledge.

- Presentation of trainees.

2. Appropriation of working materials

- Debate and open discussions on the theme of Europe and more specifically European citizenship. Participants will be invited to share their personal experience of the European continent (mobility, heritage, etc.).

- Discovery of texts / articles / essays on the theme of intercultural dialogue, European cultural policies and European citizenship.

- Analysis of political speeches dealing with European societal issues.

- Analysis of different media resources (television debates, radio broadcasts, etc.) that talk about subjects of our contemporary society.


This part will allow the trainees to acquire a base of knowledge and a common terminology.


3. From theory to practical experimentation

- Draw writing leads from these materials.

- Elaboration of scenic proposals.

- Analytical work at the table.

- Structuring / development / re-writing / re-improvisation of proposals.


The trainees will be accompanied to define their visions of theatricality. Each experience will be deciphered collectively to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

4. Public restitution

A presentation open to the public of the work done during this module will take place on November 3 at Sample.

5. Evaluation

General conclusion and listening to the various feedbacks on the experience. Trainees will be required to carry out a self-assessment on the acquisition and improvement of skills.

Each morning will begin with a body workout.

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