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Ascension is a social project for 8 young LGBTQI+ people supported by the Le Refuge foundation throughout France.

During a week of training combining high mountain sports activities and theatre, young people have the opportunity to question their poetic and sensitive relationship to the living. 

Our starting points are the notions of vertigo, limit and freedom. We propose to question society, the individual and its tensions, evoking areas of turbulence to affirm a poetic power. Experiences in the mountains are our playground and serve us to apprehend the following scenarios and reflections on stage: games on stability and perception, landmarks in space, coordinates between the physical body and the action brain, the body and its environment and gravity as theatrical and choreographic experience. 


ALTER EGO (X) - Annecy, France

The Refuge Foundation - France

82-4000 Solidarity - Annecy, France


The Refuge Foundation



From May 2 to 9, 2022 

MJC Social Center Victor Hugo - Annecy 

Public restitution on May 9, 2022 

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