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Lèche mon coeur is a staging of the text Ogres by Yann Verburgh. Central point of this creation, this text addresses the theme of homophobia in the world. It carries the forgotten voices of the oppressed, beyond their sexuality, their origins, their biography, across continents, from France to Russia, from Uganda to Iran – via Bulgaria, South Africa, Cameroon, Greece, Brazil, Romania, South Korea. Extremely well documented, this creation paints a violent picture of a discrimination that still excludes and kills today.

Lèche mon cœur is therefore a bloody poetic creation, where faces are invoked, voices tell us the truth, their urgency and their realities.

Text - Ogres by Yann Verburgh - Edition Quartett

Staging - Julie Crantelle

WithTheo Majcher, Fanny Caron, Vladimir Perrin

Scenography and costumes - Annatina Huwiler

Musical composition - Serafin Aebli

​Light creation - Nils Lou Lauper

Support and/or residencies

Zurich University of the Arts - Zürich, Switzerland

Le Plato - Romans-sur-Isère, France

H107 Project - Geneva, Switzerland

Il Mutamento - Turin, Italy

Tanzhaus Zürich - Zürich, Switzerland

Zahrada - Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

La Scierie - Avignon, France

Booking calendar

Swiss Cultural Center - Paris, France

Reading of the piece as part of the Jerk Off 2021 festival

September 14, 2021

Theater der Künste - Zürich, Switzerland

From November 5 to 7, 2021

National Theater in Belgrade, Serbia

September 12, 2022

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