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Our vision is that of a vibrant and committed theater, celebrating the diversity of human expression and establishing a deep connection with the audience. Theater is a place of discourse, meetings, dreams, struggles. And above all, a place for everyone. At ALTER EGO (X), we are convinced that theater initiates dialogue. Whether on stage or as an audience member, theater activates us, immersing a group of individuals in a common experience in which each can find their own uniqueness.
In the work of interpretation, we seek to find and understand our bodies, to search for ourselves as beings, as matter. We draw inspiration from the work of Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki and his methodology inspired by the physicality and traditions of Japanese theater (Noh theater). We favor a visual and physical theater where body language and expression are essential. There, we explore our limits, our poetry, and above all our fantasy through our imagination. We talk about the world and current topics in our creations. What matters most to us is to transform this truth to make it extraordinary and fantastic, to enchant reality. Beyond individual practice, we explore the strength of the group and chorality, especially through the Viewpoints methodology developed by the Saratoga International Theater Institute in New York.


We believe in the importance of making theater accessible to everyone. That's why we are committed to developing projects and partnerships that promote inclusion and diversity, and to offering workshops that reach a broad audience. These workshops provide privileged spaces where ideas come to life and knowledge turns into tangible experiences.

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