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The playful and uninhibited magazine celebrating artists of alternative cultures
ALTER EGO (X) presents The House of Creatures, a 30-minute live video media broadcast on online platforms.

Anyx & Monique, the creature hosts of the program, welcome you to their safe place with its quirky and poetic universe.

For the duration of the show, otherness becomes queen. One artist. One culture. A unique way to resist the world.

Under the gaze of live viewers and spectators, the guest artist evolves in each room of the House, designed as a large playground. Boredom is not on the list. Our two big children of the night prefer eccentricity over conformity. Here, you must not be afraid to jump into a ball pit or onto a trampoline and reveal the creature within before lighting up the dance floor. The party, carrying the message of struggle and resistance, colors the show. A DJ infiltrates and sets the tone!

The House of Creatures is a process, a practice, an agent of change that disturbs and resists. A rebellion with a cause!

Open the doors of your home to the creatures so they can set up their studio. The House of Creatures is a nomadic concept that adapts and invites itself into your walls to amplify the party and the encounters. Each magazine is tinted by the place that hosts us, the guest artist, the energy of the audience, and the decadence of our two hosts.


This project is supported by the media incubator Hôtel71/Arty Farty and Gaité Lyrique, class of 2024.
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