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Alter Ego (X) develops a video media dedicated to the performing arts that gives a voice to people who are unseen or rarely seen within society.

The House of Creatures is a live video cultural magazine (YouTube and/or Twitch), dedicated to the news of performing arts in France and Europe, and highlights artists who fit the concept of intersectionality (i.e., people who experience various forms of discrimination). In a 70s style setting, two hosts (co-hosting the program), freely inspired by Drag Queen Creatures characters, invite their guest into a quirky and poetic universe.

Viewers and live spectators witness the guest's adventure through the rooms of the house, participating in a series of games and activities such as back-to-back Q&As on a trampoline, immersion in a golden ball pit, an intimate interview, and a transformation in the costume room, all leading to a performance in the ballroom. Play is at the heart of the program and helps to demystify the central themes of the show. The magazine's title refers both to the idea of the house as a 'safe place' for a struggling community, and that of creature, an image often imposed by society on marginalized people, subjected to various forms of oppression. The show reverses the conventional concept to show that the creature resides in each of us - it's the marvelous that characterizes us and escapes us at the same time, and that we begin to explore when we dress up and transform into something else. Thus, starting from a very popular element, we open the doors of a large community to other communities, thanks to the video and live format.

The House of Creatures is a caravan concept that moves and sets up its studio in cultural venues, events, and festivals in France and Europe. It alternates between long formats (30 minutes) and short formats (10 to 15 minutes). It is also musical, with a DJ invited to each episode to set the pace and remind us that the party carries struggles and resistances. The audience, welcomed live during the recording, can both enjoy the DJ's set and follow the immersive journey through the different rooms or even talk and react in the live chat managed by the co-host of the show. Thus, each episode is not just a broadcast, but a celebration of artistic expression and festivity, embodying intersectionality not only in its themes but also in its innovative format and originality.

The House of Creatures is queer according to the definition by Leo Hosp (researcher in science and arts), it is 'a process, a practice, an agent of change that disturbs and resists. A rebellion with a cause!'


This project is supported by the media incubator Hôtel 71 / Arty Farty, class of 2024.

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