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Image de Hulki Okan Tabak

A monthly workshop to discover the art of acting in theater in a fun way.


Develop self-confidence and sharpen one's imagination. Become aware of one's voice, body, and space. Learn to embody a character. Learn to bring a text to life. Encourage public speaking and learn to face the gaze of others.


The exploration phase

Sensory games: work on gaze, listening, emotional states.

Motor games: work on movement, rhythm, gesture.

Vocal games: work on breath, breathing, voice.

Fiction games: work on small improvisation canvases.

Body games: being present, conveying a situation through gestures.

The production phase: dramatic play

Discover and explore a textual medium.

Collective multiple readings: the joy of reading, showcasing the variety of possible tones, discovering the musical strength of the text.

Attempts at improvisation on a story: understanding the story, making it one's own.

Work on characters: creating a character, developing it in words and in the body.

The appropriation phase

Practicing the role of an actor: applying the techniques built during previous sessions, in order to narrate, make feel, and bring the text to life through one's voice and body.

End-of-year project

The year ends with a performance of the theater project worked on in the courses during part of the year.

CALENDAR - The Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

23 September 2023 

14 October 2023

4 November 2023

16 December 2023

13 January 2024 

17 February 2024

16 March 2024 

13 April 2024

25 May 2024 

15 June 2024



Workshops :

300 € the year/inhabitants of Fillinges

350 € the year/excluding inhabitants of Fillinges

Registration for workshops implies a year-long commitment.

It is therefore important to participate in all the workshops.


Fillinges village (74250)

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