« To base its European cultural project as a laboratory is also to decide that its process will be at least as interesting as the results that will be produced »

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The aim of this component is to design European and international projects bringing together different practices around the same theme. We are trying to address through artistic creation the issues that arise in each of the member countries. We imagine collaborations with partner structures to transcribe common civic concerns through the theatre. We mainly use theatre as a critical space for exchange and a showcase of the present European society.

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Sept. 2020 - Dec. 2021


A project intitated with Institut d'Études Européennes of Paris 8.

This project was presented as part of the Project Fair: European is Beautiful, organised by European Network of Cultural Centres. More information here.


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LGBTQ+ people represent a minority in our present-day society. One that faces lots of discrimination. We do think that in order to reduce those discriminations, it is important to find some ways to let people from this community to express themselves. To hear their voices and what they experience in their everyday life. It exists in Europe, lots of associations and organisations that are committed towards minorities. Their main goal is to be here for people who are threatened or even persecuted in the current society. The question is always about how to represent a « good » help and support? How to set up good means in order to strengthen the social inclusion of people from minorities?

The main objective of this project will be to create a link between theatre and the LGBTQ+ community. How it can be a way to express the words of those who are threatened and persecuted? Theatre is the place for dialogue, for debate and for freedom. A place made for everybody who wants to express words, realities, beauty, sadness… This is also a political place. The link between theatre and LGBTQ+ community seems to be obvious. Theatre is the space the community needs to be heard and thus attempt to decrease acts of discrimination.

As a result of this exchange between both sectors the idea is first to create a network of people all over Europe to strengthen the relationships between LGBTQ+ communities in different countries. To initiate a dialogue between actors of this community in order to face the needs in each country.


This project aims at giving and working on an innovant way to initiate thanks to theatre non-formal education regarding the situation of the LGBTQ+ community in Europe. To do so, we will work with five partner organisations working in the field of LGBTQ+ community inclusion through different means (culture, education, arts, activism.)… This network might also be joined by one university focusing on gender studies.

As a first step each organisation will be in charge of implementing a research process at a local level in order to collect data regarding the situation of LGBTQ+ community in the different countries. It will be also a way to analyse the needs in terms of education of people to decrease acts of discrimination. The European dimension will allow professionals and volunteers from the partners organisations to work and learn together theatre practices during the trainings. How can theatre be a relevant and innovative means in the education of adults regarding the LGBTQ+ community in Europe? Indeed, the 16-month project will be composed by different moments to experience how and why the use of theatre appears as a good means to collect true speeches.




Novi Sad, Serbia

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Oslo, Norway



Zagreb, Croatia

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Saint-Denis Ville

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Saint-Denis, France

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