ALTER EGO (X) promotes a cross-disciplinary and imagery theatre that questions our society.

Theatre is a central place to gather different visions and different points of view. In our opinion, it is essential to be inspired by both the current and historical context in order to depict on the stage an image of the world as we perceive it. However, it is important to show a theatre which questions. It means going beyond a simple critic of the society and to offer openings that make sense for the audience. We are sensitive to the dreamlike virtu of theatre. Thus, it is important for us to create performances that immerse the spectator in his or her imagination, a place where everything is possible.

We are taking the actor as a body on a stage. We are inspired by a physical theatre using the voice, the body and the movement.

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Julie Crantelle

Théo Majcher et Julie Crantelle 


Fanny Caron


Annatina Huwiler

"Our house is burning and we look elsewhere"

Jacques Chirac at the 2002 Earth Summit in Johannesburg



"Our house is burning down and we are blind to it. Nature, mutilated and overexploited, can no longer regenerate and we refuse to admit it. Humanity is suffering. It is suffering from poor development, in both the North and the South, and we stand indifferent. The earth and humankind are in danger and we are all responsible... We cannot say that we did not know. Let us make sure that the 21st century does not become, for future generations, the century of humanity’s crime against life itself." Those words have gone around the world. This alarming speech, inspired in reality by environmental thinkers and activists, was delivered by a politician whose trajectory and action did not reflect a strong environmental concern.


Seventeen years later.

In 2020.

We are in the midst of a powerful global crisis.

Still filled with hope, I watch this world drift. The cruelty of man on Earth knows no limits. Humans have spread violence and corruption around the world. The bodies fall under the bullets of the wars that are still going on, the beings drown off the beaches to escape the conflicts of their homeland, the LGBTQ+ people are persecuted because we do not tolerate difference. The yachts and villas of the wealthiest are increasingly shining and equipped with technologies that outnumber the human beings, while the shelters of the poorest are increasingly scarce. The most powerful place their pawns with precision and detail in order to increase their control of our land. The earth that welcomes and shelters us, yet we watch burning and disappearing in fear of losing economic and political stability.


In the midst of this chaos, which I was already thinking of at its peak, the health crisis is shaking our lives. Within a few weeks, the world is being barricaded by the Covid-19 epidemic. Something is beyond us. Something that scares us, is transforming us. I think of the world that we are going to find after confinement.

Maybe we are the descendants of Noah and from generation to generation, we are still waiting for the end of the flood? The pandemic, the economic shock, the deregulation of the world, our lives changed... there is an an urgent need to act and rethink the world. Let's embark in our huge ark 2.0, populated by the languages of the earth, made up of all our diversity. On the day of decay, when the doors of the ark open and we land, what will be the new world that we will have to build?


Lèche mon coeur is in direct contact with the pulse of the world. In this archway, which was stranded off the coast of some land that was once our home. House we watched burn, abandoned and forsaken. Faces are invoked, voices tell us the truth, the emergencies of our world. As with incessant media, the guests drink their champagne or detox tea and thus testify to the absurdity of our society drowned in a stream of useless words which, in the world of appearances, become the main, talk shows to say nothing, BFM TV to scare.

Julie Crantelle

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